Svatko od nas ima dvije verzije, onu jednu pred svijetom, i onu drugu – kući.

Tek iza zatvorenih vrata, s partnerom doživljavamo privatne i nježne trenutke, otkrivamo svoje nesigurnosti, mane i stvari koje nisu za svačije oči.

Ilustratorica iz Amerike Amanda Oleander svojim je ilustracijama prikazala kako to zapravo izgleda ljubav i zajednički život sa partnerom. Ilustracije su najviše nadahnute njenom vezom sa suprugom, ali može se naći i poneka svakodnevna situacija odnosa sa porodicom i prijateljima.

Uvijek me interesovalo kako ljudi žive i kako se ponašaju iza zatvorenih vrata. Joey i ja imamo momente u kojima nam je toliko lijepo da poželim da je fotograf tu da aparatom zabilježi ono što se događa. Ali ga nema, tako da sam odlučila da mogu ilustrovati te situacije“, objasnila je Amanda.

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Drawing 9/100 of the drawing a day for 100 days challenge. @joeyrudman comes back home tomorrow. I lay in bed listening to the static ring of silence along side the occasional sounds of cars driving by outside. I suddenly sneeze with no “bless you” to follow. That’s when I really feel his presence missing because I know he’s just not in the other room. Today I ate a really delicious meal and wish I could have him taste it so he could enjoy it too. I miss him telling me stories all day long whether it’s about something he read online or something he experienced while he was out doing errands. He’s the best story teller. He puts his whole body into it. I love going to museums with him because he will read the writing that goes with the art piece and then walk over to me excited and tell me all about the piece and the artist like if he was there while it was created. He sings every day, mostly in the shower but sometimes just randomly. It makes mundane tasks really fun, most of the time the songs are improvised on the spot. Oh and in different character voices, I must add. We spend a lot of time together because we both work from home except when he needs to leave to record something in the studio which is nearby. After an hour or so of working and not seeing each other I either go to him or he comes into the art studio to “look for something”. For dinner we either cook together or go out on a date. At the end of the long day is when I thank the universe we found each other. The most amazing human I have ever met fell in love with me too and now we get to spend our lives together, for that I am so thankful. ✨

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